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Victoria Devine - Author

The spirit of Christmas has always been a part of my life. My home is decorated in early November anxiously waiting December 25. When my children were young, an elf would magically appear in their book bag as an incentive to strive for academic success. An array of elves would be found in our home as another method of keeping my children off the naughty list. A lovable Golden Retriever was always an energetic part of our home. A part of fulfilling my dream as a writer, I combined Christmas, elves, dogs, and bullying into one story: Santa’s Bully Elf.

Somehow, tucked inside a grown woman is still a girl who anticipates a warm and joyous holiday. I still collect elves, my third Golden Retriever is as clever as Sparky, and as a teacher my philosophy is respect and kindness towards all. Teachers are always striving for a bully-free school. As an educator, I have witnessed and learned so much about bullying. It is important to create a friendly environment without verbal or physical abuse. Many of us know parenting is an arduous task, and we try to instill good morals and values in our children. Together, we can stamp out bullying and create a world that welcomes everyone.

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