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Friendship, cooperation, and trust are the ideal pillars of character education used by teachers all over the world. This book is perfect for beach lovers, teachers, and children who love an adventure.

Victoria and her co-author share a passion for storytelling. Their oceanic collaboration MacCarrig encourages cooperation and friendship. Victoria writes books that help children appreciate diversity and accept others. In addition, Santa’s Bully Elf and MacCarrig each challenge children with an enhanced vocabulary. Readers will appreciate the figurative literary devices used throughout so they can truly create a visual image when they are reading.

MacCarrig - Victoria Devine
MacCarrig, the newest book to be released by Victoria Devine, will be hitting book shelves in 2017.
Six Pillars of Education
MacCarrig demonstrates how the six pillars of education can fit into any teacher's curriculum.

Victoria is working on her third book, to be released in 2018. Sparky fans will love seeing this Golden Retriever back, with another clever twist.